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Treat yourself in Hugo, Oklahoma at Buffalo Grill

Neil and I were driving toward Texas on the Indian Nations Turnpike in Oklahoma when we came across Hugo. There was a sign for a Braum's on the side of the Turnpike. We followed the arrows and are happy to say we never made it to Braum's.

Driving through Hugo, there are many amazing sites to see. The homes are adorable, there is a railroad museum. They even have a beautiful dam. But once we saw the first barbecue joint on the side of the road, our thoughts shifted to some pit cooking.

We pulled into the parking lot of Buffalo Grill. There is a massive patio with picnic tables and plenty of room for social distancing. Chelsea, our waitress was quick to greet us and get anything we needed. She even told us a little more about Hugo.

Chelsea brought us menus filled with barbeque classics and some more inventive items. Fried bologna is in multiple menu items. So are the fried green tomatoes. The selection and prices were mind-blowing.

We opted for the fried pork skins from the "Starters" section. They came to the table still popping from the fryer. This dish is lightly seasoned and trimmed from the fat. To add a little more flavor, we added some barbecue sauce that brought this crispy goodness to a whole new level.

I had the street tacos. They give a choice of meats so I had one of each. The corn tortilla was perfectly grilled to a soft delicate texture. The chicken was cooked and seasoned well yet still juicy. The brisket was a little chewier than I like but the beefy smoke flavor was spot on. My personal favorite was the pulled pork. The pork was moist with excellent flavor and went perfectly in a street taco. I highly recommend this dish. It comes complete with limes, salsa verde, homemade hot sauce, and a cup of scrumptious cowboy beans.

Neil almost always orders the bbq mac and cheese when available. Mac and cheese is his favorite main dish, side dish, appetizer, and dessert when done right. The Mac and cheese here was exceptionally creamy. He likes it to be more cheesy than creamy but he ate the whole thing. He chose brisket on top. Neil loves his burnt ends. They top that with pico and toast on the side. The only complaint here is that we were hoping there would be more of this dish. But at $6.99 we could afford to order another if we wanted.

If you are on the turnpike in Oklahoma, make sure you take a little time to stop by Buffalo Grill, from the drive into town to the food on your plate, you will not be disappointed by this charming experience. Tell me about somewhere you have been in an email to Thank you for reading!

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