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A visit to the famous The Burger Joint in Houston

Local craft beers on tap and all fresh ingredients are the starting point on these counter service restaurants and food trucks. From the creativity in their signature Angus burgers to the excellence in execution, you will be amiss to not visit The Burger Joint at least once in your lifetime.

I have passed this restaurant on Montrose over the years. I always thought "I gotta go there sometime." Finally, this summer, my sons and I decided to go toast a beer celebrating all of them being over the age of twenty-one. Sam, my twenty-three-year-old, recommended The Burger Joint. It was an easy sell.

There are two physical locations to choose from with a third coming soon in Baybrook. We went to the one on Montrose. From our arrival, it was apparent that there were ample precautions in place for social distancing and sanitization. Walking onto the sprawling breezy patio towards the counter, we found a large menu for us to peruse.

This is not only a burger joint but also has plenty of sides, a selection of hot dogs, salads described as bowls, sandwich choices, and various shakes. We chose an assortment from the menu to satisfy one Mom and three young men.

We started with our toasting beers. My middle son, Sam, is more of a dark thick chocolate style beer. Nathan, my oldest, likes more of an unfiltered wheat beer. Mac, the youngest, enjoys a quality pale ale. I enjoy blending a cider with a crisp pale ale for a summer delight. I chose Eastciders Watermelon Cider and Blonde Bombshell. I enjoy the way a nice pale or cream ale cuts the sweetness of a cider while keeping the treat of a fruity finish. For Fall, I like apple cider. Stella Artois Cidre paired with Eureka Heights Buckle Bunny is a scrumptious choice. The selection on tap was more than enough to satisfy all of our preferences.

Once we ordered, we selected a seat outside under the covered patio with plenty of fans for circulation in the heat of summer. While waiting for our food to be ready, there was staff circulating providing answers to questions and any additional sauces or help to make the visit more enjoyable. I also noticed a steady stream of cars on the side street picking up to-go orders. This let me know the level of love for this restaurant at 2:30 in the afternoon on a weekday.

Sam's hotdog came out first. He ordered the Big Frank. It is a foot-long hot dog topped with pulled pork, BBQ sauce, and slaw. Sam added mushrooms and queso to his dog. This dog is enormous. Sam is six foot four inches tall and wears a size fifteen shoe. This dog alone was enough for an entire meal for him. So we can boast about the generous portions here as well.

Mac ordered the Kimchi Burger and Queso Fries. The Kimchi Burger has a Korean style BBQ Angus beef patty, lettuce, onions, kimchi, a fried egg, cheddar, and garlic aioli. The queso fries had Texas-style queso and more crumbled cheese on top. Both were cheesy deluxe and impressive in build. Again, the portions were ample enough for Mac to need a to-go container for the end of the meal.

Nathan had the Smoke Stack. It's an Angus burger topped with pulled pork, mac and cheese, an easy fried egg, slaw, and garlic aioli. Now, this is an impressive burger. It exemplifies the creativity and whimsy behind the culinary design of this menu.

Being an onion ring snob, I had to get an order for us to share. These did not disappoint. They were perfectly crispy with a panko bread crumb batter. And with twelve dipping sauces to choose from, you can choose what is perfect for you and your taste. I ate almost the entire order with no sauce or extra seasonings added and loved every bite.

I also ordered the Mushroom Burger. This burger starts again with Angus beef and lettuce then spins a new direction with caramelized onions, roasted mushrooms, smoked gouda, and a garlic herb aioli. I had to share with my boyfriend and he said it may have been the best burger he has ever had. And my man eats at least three burgers a week.

But I'd have to say that my favorite item that we ordered was the Bacon-Parm Fries. It was so much more than just bacon and parmesan cheese. I swear there was a little truffle oil involved. They were so amazing and addicting. I mean curl-your-toes good. This is a must-have on your visit.

The bottom line, each dish was made to order with expert accuracy and timeliness. I whole-heartedly give The Burger Joint a ten out of ten. This is my honest opinion as no one knew I was a food writer. I am kicking myself that it took me so long to visit. This is not a burger joint, it is THE Burger Joint. I hope you look them up and check them out. You may see me there!

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