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Asian Fusion in Spring, Texas is alive and well

Q-Shi Barbecue Sushi is open for customers to dine-in or take-out. #asianfushion #springtexas #diningout #barbecue

I had the pleasure of visiting a fusion restaurant this weekend. It is called Q-Shi Barbecue and Sushi. At Q-Shi they combine barbecue and sushi with great success. My friend, Stacia Trahan, has been here many times. The location is near her house in Spring, Texas. It was a no-brainer to take her with me to get some pointers on what to order.

If there was ever sushi comfort food, this is it.

Stacia steered me away from the bowls. There are eight different bowls to choose from on the post stay-at-home ordinance menu. They look delightful in pictures and in person. However, Stacia pointed me toward the Asian fusion sushi rolls and we really enjoyed them.

We started by looking at the appetizers. They have ten appetizers to choose from including a Diners, Drives, & Dives Sampler Platter. For $14.95, your table can enjoy all of the foods Guy Ferri enjoyed on his trip to this unique eatery.

Since we were looking to have a couple of the items from the sampler platter as our entrees, we went all in on the Korean BBQ Kimchi Fries. This is a plate full of loaded french fries with your choice of pork, brisket, or kimchi. The french fries themselves were lack luster. They were seasoned only with salt and slightly over-fried with a sprinkle of cheddar cheese between the fries and the meat. We ordered half of the dish with brisket and half of the dish with pork. Both meats were good but I would not say that they “knocked it out of the park”. The meats were finely chopped and fell right off the french fries when eating them. The platter was drizzled with spicy mayo and sriracha. It was topped additionally with pickled jalapenos and scallions. The barbecue was neither dry or moist with no real seasonings to detect. This dish looked impressive but failed in execution of obtaining the perfect bite.

Stacia ordered first and chose the Q-shi 4 Land & Sea sushi roll. It had crab meat, smoked rib meat, jalapeno, cream cheese, avocado, and masago inside a soy paper wrapped roll. Beautiful dark red tuna was laid across the top. This roll was drizzled with spicy mayo and eel sauce. This is a decadent roll. If there was ever sushi comfort food, this is it. The roll alone is sold for $15.95 and worth every bite.

They give the option of having the roll served in a Sushi Bento Box. If you are a fan of Japanese cuisine, the Bento box is the way to go. Aside from any roll you would like on the menu, you also receive two fried vegetable dumplings, seaweed salad, calamari salad, and vegetable tempura. The dumplings had a nice thin wonton wrapper around a scrumptious veggie assortment. It was fired crispy and were delightful. The seaweed and calamari salads were similarly prepared in a light rice wine vinaigrette with sesame seeds. Both salads are equally delicious. But I was most impressed with the tepura here. I had a slice of sweet potato, a mushroom, and zucchini slice. The tempura was beautifully battered, fried and presented. The texture of both the batter and the vegetables was perfect. I will definitely order the Sushi Bento Box again. For $17.95 you can have this box with a premium roll and for $13.95 this box comes with a traditional roll. I highly recommend going premium.

For my entree, I ordered the Q-Shi 3 sushi roll. This is a beautiful roll with crab meat, tempura shrimp, and avocado inside the roll. It is advertised as being brisket on top. But I am sure, based on flavor, texture, and color, that it was made with pork either pulled roast or rib. On top of that was thinly sliced jalapeno and a dab of sriracha sauce. This was an amazing flavor combination that will bring me, and others, back to visit again.

While the website for this restaurant is down, the full menu and ordering information can be found here It is worth a visit to experience a place where Texas meets Japan for a harmonious culinary adventure.

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